Friday, January 16, 2009

Back at the practice table

I haven't been practising much the last days, since I have been waiting for my OB-1 shaft to arrive. Something went wrong with the tip/ferrule just before Christmas, and I sent it to be repaired.

Have been playing with a z-shaft the last weeks, but the tip is so worn out now that I couldn't play with it anymore, and I figured out I could just take a break and wait for my shaft. The last days I have instead spent doing non-pool related stuff, like spending some time with my family, played football (soccer) both in real life and on XBox 360 (FIFA09), relaxed and watched the first season of Cheers.

I remember when I was a young kid, around 10-12 years old, I loved to watch Cheers and my parents always allowed me to stay up late on Thursdays so I could be able to watch it :) Cheers has always got a special place in my heart, and is the main-reason why I have always wanted to own a bar myself.

My favourite line has to be when Norm walks into the bar, and one of the guests ask him "What's up, Norm?" and he replies: "My nipples, it's freezing out there". Classic Norm.

Anyway, I got my OB-1's today, and I spent a couple of hours playing some one-pocket ghost and 10-ball ghost. It felt great playing pool again, after some days off, and I started with running 33 balls against the One Pocket Ghost in 5 tries, with a high run of 12.

Then I played the 10-ball Ghost, race to 7. Since I tightened the pockets I haven't beaten the 10-ball ghost yet, but I felt good today, so I gave it a try. I had some pretty nice textbook outs, and some real creative shots in other games, and I was up 6-5. Then I REALLY dogged it. I just started to laugh out loud, because I missed two straight in 10-balls in the next two games, to lose 6-7. Very easy balls. But I dogged them bad!

I felt so stupid, but I think it did me good, because I am now even more motivated to "kill" that Ghost.

Tomorrow I will be more focused than ever!

Only 1 week and 6 hours to my flight to Derby City Classic. Can't wait ;)

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How I practice

Most of the time I practice by playing the Ghost in 9-ball or 10-ball. Sometimes I line up difficult shots or safeties that I have been struggling with, and the rest of the time I am normally using on the system called PAT.

I am using PAT (Playing Ability Test) to test my skills and to see progress, and it is really working great for me.

I have bought the books and DVD's on Amazon, and I recommend it to all players who wants to raise their game to another level.

PAT consists of 4 different levels, from amateurs to professionals. As a side-note, top-players such as Jasmin Ouschan and Thorsten Hohmann uses PAT on a regular basis.

The best part of PAT is that the majority of drills in the books/videos are situations that you often will face in a match. Nothing pleases me more than be in such a situation knowing that I have practiced this and fires it in with confidence.

Check out my Billiard Store and buy the books/dvd's that suits your level!

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