Thursday, January 22, 2009

DCC - Here I come!

It's now less than 30 hours till I will be walking into the plane, heading for Frankfurt, then Chicago before reaching Louisville, Kentucky at 18:07 pm on Saturday.

My final destionation is the Horseshoe Hotel & Casino in Louisville and the 11th Derby City Classic. The worlds biggest pool-tournament, or call it a pool-festival if you like. The previous years more than 400 players have joined the 3 main-tournaments. Read more about Derby City Classic here,

During the 9 days of competition players will be able to compete in the following diciplines:

Short rack bank pool (Starting 22nd, max 500 players)
10-ball Challenge (Starting 24th, max 16 players, $ 1,000 entry)
One-pocket (Starting 25th, max 500 players)
Straight pool challenge (Starting 25th)
One-pocket challenge (Starting 27th)
9-ball (Starting 27th, max 500 players)

The tournament will be played on more than 50 Diamondtables, and every evening when the tournament ends the tables will be available for players and spectators to play on, till a few hours before the morningmatches starts.

The Action Report (TAR) will have their TAR-Pit, the "action room", with 5 Diamondtables + 1 Diamond barbox, and they will broadcast live 24 hours a day from this room at At this room there is one rule for playing on the tables, and that's "No no gambling allowed".

I will compete in the One-pocket tournament and the 9-ball tournament, and will most likely also try my luck in the One-pocket challenge. In the One-pocket challenge you pay $ 50 for 3 x 5 tries. You break, and then play from where the cueball ends, and see how many balls you are able to pocket in your cornerpocket without missing. After 5 tries you get your total score. Maximum is 75, and last year Gabe Owen won with an amazing 60 balls. Below you can see me running 13 balls in one inning.

Because of DCC I am not able to compete in the Norwegian 8-ball Championship, which will be played at Strommen Storsenter, a shopping mall just outside Oslo. Almost 100 players will compete there, and I am guessing that Ronny Oldervik from Trondheim will win this tournament.

I'll try to keep you updated about DCC here on the blog, and I believe that you will be able to find updates from each round on

3 kommentarer:

Sarah Rousey said...

You have no clue what you are getting yourself into!!! It is crazy but more fun than you could ever imagine! See you there.

Anonymous said...

Well good luck there and thanx for the all the info about the DCC.

Anonymous - Bobby McGee

Anonymous said...

Best wishes to both Roy and Christian. Please get rid of any rubberarm symptoms!! Have fun

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