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Eurotour schedule 2009

The most prestigous 9-ball tour in Europe, the Eurotour, hosted by IBP and EPBF, is now running for the 17th year.

In 2009 the 100th Eurotour-tournament will be played. During the 95 tournaments played now, Ralf Souquet and Oliver Ortmann are the two most successful players with 15 and 13 wins each.
Only 5 times have players outside Europe managed to win an Eurotour, and that's Johnny Archer (2), Francisco Bustamante (2) and Ismael Paez.

Top 5 on the ranking, (total of 675 players in the 2008 season):

1. Ralf Souquet
2. Niels Feijen
3. Nick van den Berg
4. Tony Drago
5. Christian Reimering

Schedule for 2009:

11 - 14 Feb, 2009
Diamond Nine / Dynamic French Open
Paris, France

25 - 28 Mar, 2009
Diamond Nine / Dynamic Italy Open
Castel Volturno, Italy

20 - 23 May, 2009
Diamond Nine / Dynamic German Open
Sindelfingen, Germany

19 - 22 Aug, 2009
Diamond Nine / Dynamic Austrian Open
Rankweil, Austria

16 - 19 Sep, 2009
Diamond Nine / Dynamic Netherlands Open
Weert, Netherlands

14 - 17 Oct, 2009
Diamond Nine / Dynamic Swiss Open
Payerne, Switzerland

02 - 05 Dec, 2009
Diamond Nine / Dynamic Costa del Sol Open
Malaga, Spain

Please visit for information about players, schedule, pricemoney, how to join, rankings, photo's etc.

Hall of Fame

Ralf Souquet, 15 times
Oliver Ortmann, 13 times
Thomas Engert, 9 times
Tom Storm, 5 times
Nick van den Berg, 4 times
Niels Feijen, 4 times
Alex Lely, 3 times
Marcus Chamat, 3 times
Mika Immonen, 3 times
Imran Majid, 2 times
Christian Reimering, 2 times
Fabio Petroni, 2 times
Sandor Tot, 2 times
Nicklas Bergendorff, 2 times
Francisco Bustamante, 2 times
Johnny Archer, 2 times

Darren Appleton, Tony Drago, Bruno Muratore, Mark Gray, John Vassalos, Daryl Peach, Wojciech Trajdos, Jonni Fulcher, Harald Stolka, Markus Juva, Kaddur Samir, Thorsten Hohmann, Erik Weiselius, Vegar Kristiansen, Dimitri Jungo, Ralph Eckert, Ismael Paez, Evgeny Stalev, Herbert Friedemann, Samuel Clemann, Thomas Hasch, Bengt Pedersen and Bernd Jahnke all has 1 win each.
Most consecutive wins:

1994 - Oliver Ortmann 4 consecutive wins
2008 - Ralf Souquet 2 consecutive wins
1999 - Johnny Archer 2 consecutive wins
1996 - Ralf Souquet 2 consecutive wins
1993/1994 - Ralf Souquet 2 consecutive wins
1992 - Thomas Engert 2 consecutive wins

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Anonymous said...

Interesting - Johnny Archer won on the Eurotour?? When did this happen and 2 times ??

Anonymous - Bobby McGee

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