Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I am a dumbass - did a stupid mistake in one-pocket

Well, I am here at the Derby City Classic 2009, have been travelling for 24 hours from Norway just to get here to play my favourit game of One Pocket in the worlds biggest One Pocket tournament, and then I do the most stupid mistake ever!

"I'm a loser baby, so why don't you kill me" is the tune that keeps playing in my head right now...

I played the One Pocket tournament this morning, and the luck of the draw made me play John Brumback, the 2009 Bank Pool Champion. I started out good on my break, and made him do two fouls, and at one time he needed 10 balls and I only like 4, I think.

I had an open table, but dogged it, and he ended up winning the first rack. The next rack lasted very long, with many safeties, but John grabbed that rack too, so now I was down 2-0.

I kept on doing the stuff JoeyA from teached me last night, and I played smarter than before, but aggressive when I finally got a chance, and I took the next rack to make it 2-1 to John.

In the next rack I found a four ball combination in the pack and hit it with solid draw, and got a wide open table. I ran 8 and out on him, with position to keep on running 10-11-12 balls.I racked the balls, and when I had finished racking we noticed that I owed a ball, and should have ran 9 balls.

Tournament director made me lose the game on forfeit, and then lose the match 3-1 instead of 2-2 and my break.

I have done many tournaments myself, and would probably have made the same call myself. There is only one person to blame here, and that's me...

But it still sucks, especially since I have used my buyback...Despite this completely idiotic, stupid, dumbass thing, Derby City Classic is still awesome. I wished John good luck in the all-around and asked him to buy me a beer tonight...

Now I just feel very, very pity for the guy I will meet in the 9-ball. Someone's gonna be punished for this!

Draw will be done very shortly.

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