Saturday, January 10, 2009

Some more one-pocket practise

Here's another good one-pocket drill that I just found. Will give it a try tomorrow!

The last couple of days I have been practising the drill I mentioned the other day + tried around 50 times against the One-pocket Ghost.

When playing the One-pocket Ghost the goal is to pocket as many balls as possible in one of the corner pockets, picked before your break. You have to start shooting from where your cueball ends up after the break.

I have not succeeded in running all 15 yet, but have run 13, 12 and 11 the last 2 days. Here's a video of those runs.

I've figured out a break that I think works ok. I hit the third ball with low inside, so the cueball wll go two rails and bump into balls kicking them into the table again away from the other pocket.

Shimmed the pockets the other day. Didn't use the proper equipment, since I didn't want to change the cloth on the rails yet. I just used hard rubber, cut it with knife to fit next to the rail and then glued some cloth on to prevent the balls from getting dirty/black when hitting the rubber before dropping into the pocket.

It works perfectly well, and now the pockets are much tighter but still reacts like they should.

When I recloth the table sometimes after the Summer I will shim the pockets with original equipment, but this was an easy solution right now.

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Anonymous said...

Good shooting and I like the music on that station that you listen to,
so keep tuned to that station when you shoot - do you have the cd "rockstar" made with Dawn Hopkins and other players in the USA? If you do then play it for inspiration!

Anonymous - Bobby McGee,

CueTable said...

Great shooting on the video! Several great shots there :)

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