Thursday, February 12, 2009

Eurotour French Open, day 1

The Eurotour French Open is underway, and in the time of writing some players are about to be eliminated. I am not present at this Eurotour, just following the draw through the website

At that website you can find brackets, results, hall of fame, schedule, ranking etc. It's a very informal website, with the results of EVERY SINGLE MATCH played on each of the Eurotour's 7 yearly stops from many previous years. During the tournament you can get live updates from each of the 24 tables, each 10th second.

If you want to bet a little, you can watch the tv-table on, and bet on who will win the match, the next rack, how many balls made on the break etc. When betting it can be extremely worthful checking out results from previous tournaments, which players have this guy beaten etc, before making your final bet on the match.

235 players entered this tournament, including ALL the best European players. Wish I could have been there myself... :( I will try to play in atleast one of the other 6 stops during the year.

I won't try to predict any winner of the event, but I will predict an interesting match :) In round 2 on the winnerside, played at 10:30 tomorrow European time (France, Paris), Ralf Souquet will play Jasmin Ouschan.

Most probably that match will be played on the tv-table, I can't see a more interesting match-up :)

I am sorry Ralf, but I hope you get your ass kicked badly in that match!

Other interesting matches in the winners bracket, round 2:
Oliver Ortmann - Sandor Tot
Dominic Jentsch - Dimitri Jungo
Niels Feijen - Bahram Lotfy 

Bahram Lotfy hasn't won his round 1 match yet against Kozaric, the score is 8-6 to Bahram race to 9, but I assume he will win. I find that match interesting because Bahram is a very solid player, and he is used to practice together with Niels every now and then. He is from Denmark, like Niels' girlfriend Kat, so when Niels go to Denmark they often practice together. Can be an interesting match, and even though Niels is clearly the favourite I wouldn't be surpriced if Bahram can manage to make it a close match, and perhaps also snap off a hill-hill victory ;)

Dimitri Jungo is one of the best European players, and he will play one of most promising European youth players, German player Dominic Jentsch. I have a feeling that Dominic will win. 

In the classic battle between Oliver Ortmann and Sandor Tot I believe Ortmann will be the strongest player, but it is hard to tell. Sandor Tot is playing as good as anyone when he is on fire, and it is nice to see that he has chosen to start playing on the Eurotour again. Will be an exciting match, and perhaps a possible tv-match if they don't broadcast Jasmin-Ralf. 

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Still a banger said...

Against Jasmin, most players would start to shake just looking at her. But Ralf.. Maybe too methodical and hard to distract.. Jasmin will put a good fight against him though!

Anonymous said...

Is Line Kjorsvik playing in this Euro tour tournament or just the EPC 2009 ??

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