Wednesday, February 11, 2009

An impossible cutshot

I had an hour to kill today before watching the friendly footballmatch (soccer) between Germany-Norway, and decided to play the 9-ball Ghost a race to 7.

In this particular situation the score was 3-6, but I hadn't given up. Because I am lazy, the table and balls haven't been cleaned for quite some time, so in this match against the 9-ball Ghost I hit the balls a little harder than normal, to prevent the balls from skidding.

And in the tenth rack I once again overhit a ball, and I got too far when playing position on the 6-ball. I thought over the different options, and because of the position on the 9-ball I couldn't bank the 6-ball in the corner. I considered kicking and attempting to make the 6 in the side, but then I got a crazy idea.

What if I raised my cue a little, and cut the 6-ball in the corner, trying to make the cueball bounce in the back of the sidepocket and jump out on the table again?

Crazy, but since I was down 3-6 I thought it was worth a try. This is how it went:

Couldn't ask for a better position on the 9-ball? ;)

I lost 5-7 in the end, but it was a fun shot, so thought I could share it with you. What is your favourite "crazy" shot?

If you don't believe me, here's the shot on youtube:

PS: Norway won 1-0 against Germany, "our" first win in almost 1,5 years. Haha

I couldn't help myself sending some texts to some few Germans after the match. Some of the comments:
"Losing to Norway is not as bad as losing to Holland" - Ralf Souquet
"I thought Norwegians could only fish salmon and make snowmen. This is worse than losing for a team of women!" - Thorsten Hohmann

2 kommentarer:

Samm said...

I love that shot! When are you coming to the states again? Hugs!!!

Alexander said...

Nais shot!!(Y)

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