Sunday, February 08, 2009

Time to focus on practicing again!

The Derby City Classic adventure is gone, and the experiences I made there have been used to set up a practice schedule for the upcoming Norwegian 9-ball Championship.

I will post the schedule during one of the next days, but it includes many different drills. During DCC I had problems with overcutting many shots, especially when sending them up the longrail.

After my matches I did some notes on what I need to improve, and in my match against Jeanette Lee (Picture copied from, at score 6-6, I did 2 bad mistakes. One was a position error, and the other one a miss. I missed the 5-ball by overcutting it, and I should have lost the match there. Luckily for me, JL missed position when pocketing the 8-ball, so I won the deciding rack with her hanging the 9 in the corner on a very difficult cutshot.

I played poor position from the 2-ball to the 3-ball, I believe it was. It was supposed to be a stun-shot with follow. I wanted to make the cueball follow just an inch or two, but I didn't want to softroll the shot. I was straight-in, and I didn't want to see the 2-ball curve away from the pocket because of skid, bad contact or simply a not levelled table, so I wanted to hit it firm. I made the ball, but I didn't get any follow, and the cueball simply stopped.

So the next days I will practice on those stun-shots + cutshots.

Here's a cuetable-layout of parts of the last rack against Jeanette.

As you can see, I would have got a much better position on the 3-ball going to the 5-ball if I could simply move the cueball from A to B while pocketing the 2-ball. Instead it stopped, and I got wrong angle. I have also showed how I missed the 5-ball.
(The 5-ball was not makeable in the upper right corner, that's why I needed position to make it in the upper left corner)

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Anonymous said...

The following routine is good practice - 14.1 + rotation skills and allows you to rate your skills

Anonymous - Bobby McGee

Roy Steffensen said...

Thanks for the link.

I like it, I think I will try to do that test during the following weeks.


Anonymous said...

Correction for the 14.1 + rotation skills rating test/drill -
Google ----> Allen Hopkins Skills

then click Hopkins Qskills

Anonymous - Bobby Mcgee

Still a banger said...

Keep on practising and blogging Roy!

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