Saturday, March 28, 2009

On my way to Oslo

Have a meeting in Oslo this weekend, so will play the tournament at Strommen, the "Happy Sunday".

42 players registered for the 9-ball tournament, with about $ 1,000 first price. It's race to 8, with handicap, so players are getting games on the wire based on their level. I am starting with 1 game on the wire.

I think this tournament will be streamed at Ustream, but don't know where yet. Will post the link if I can find it.

Hopefully there will be some action or mini-tournament at the poolhall Molla during Saturday evening/night.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Norwegian 8-ball Championship for seniors

Went to Stavanger to watch the Norwegian 8-ball Championship for dinasours (40+) this weekend.

My friend, Christian Johannessen from Oslo, was the big favourite in the field of 21 players, and he did not dissapoint. In the semifinal he beat the Norwegian Snooker Champion, Knut Kvaal Pedersen, 7-5, and in the final he played awesome pool and won 8-3 against Vidar Blidensol from Bergen.

After the tournament I asked if someone were interested in a mini-tournament in 10-ball, but only me, Christian and 2 more wanted to join. We still played, with a $ 30 entry and $ 120 to the winner. We made it a true-double elimination, race to 3, alternate break.

The tournament lasted for about 2 hours, and I ended up with winning the tournament over Christian in the final :)

Didn't play very good, but had luck on my side. In the final set I had THREE lucky rolls, in a race to 3. Haha, can't lose with such rolls, and won 3-1.

Gonna play Norwegian Woman Champion Ine Helvik on Wednesday, gambling in 9-ball, race to 10. First to win two sets.

Maybe I will go to Oslo this weekend to play the "Happy Sunday" on Strommen, a tournament with about $ 850 first price. This will be the third time there is a Happy Sunday tournament, and in the first I finished second. Would be fun to try to improve that finish :)

I am still having pains when playing, so don't think I am ready to play a tournament over two days yet...

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I almost won against "Souquet"

Played the 10-ball Ghost today, or "Ralf Souquet" as I have named the Ghost, since neither of them ever miss. It was the first time I played for about a week, and I jumped right at it playing a race to 7 with no warm-ups.

In the first rack I was left with this position and thought for a while how to break up the 3-ball cluster. In the end I decided to play position for cueball B and go for the blue line, and it worked out perfect.

Ran that rack and the next, to take the lead 2-0. In the third rack I had two clusters on the table, and a 1 - 10 combination that was not easy, bot not too difficult either. Because of the clusters I decided to try the combination instead of the run-out. Missed it by a hair, and "Ralf" ran out. 2-1.

Ralf kept the table to get up to 5-2, before I managed to turn it around again and tie the score at 5-5. Then I once again were faced with a situation with clusters and a combination, and again I failed the combination by the smallest possible margin. Lost 7-5.

I felt I played ok. Not great, but not bad considering I still have pains, and I haven't played much the last 1,5 months.

Because I still have pains I didn't play any more today, but will give it another try tomorrow again.
Have to put in more time on the table the next weeks, preparing for the upcoming tournaments. Hopefully I will not get worse in my arms then I already am, and that I will be able to put in atleast 2 hours in average a day the coming weeks.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Registered for Eurotour Germany

Yesterday I sent in my registration for the Eurotour in Sindelfingen, Germany, which will be the first 10-ball event of the nearly 100 Eurotours since 1992. They have all been 9-ball before, but now 3 of the yearly 7 events will be 10-ball.

The tournament isn't before 20th - 23rd of May, so I have lots of time to get in shape. As you might know I haven't been playing for about a month because pain in my arms, and I still don't know what is wrong. Going to a specialist next week, but I am starting to feel a little better so I registered for the event. Need something to look forward to :)

My next event in Norway will be the Bergen 10-ball Open, the 1st - 3rd of May. Unfortunately it is the same weekend as Marcus Chamat's yearly Interpool Open... I would love to go to Interpool Open, more than Bergen, but with me being completely out of form + Bergen only a short ride away I had to choose Bergen Open.

So almost 2 months with time to get healed, practice and preparations, and I am hopefully back to playing good pool again.

Tried to play pool two days ago, and it hurt so I only played for like 45 minutes.

Today I spent another 1 hour and 15 minutes on the table and today it didn't hurt as much, but I didn't play longer because I don't want to rush it. If I now can manage to play between 30 minutes to 1 hour a day for the next weeks without any pain I will be more than happy. I can put in some serious hours when I am fully recovered.

If you are considering signing up for the Eurotour in Germany, or any other Eurotour's, check out their website:

If you are from another continent and don't want to travel just for one event, there is also the "Best of the East" a couple of days prior to the Eurotour, in Poland, the neighbour of Germany. And a week after the Eurotour there is a 9-ball event in Finland. I don't have any information about those two events, but will be happy to help you out with getting the information if you are considering a trip to Europe.

Just a couple of days after the Eurotour there is the Philippines Open in 10-ball, so if you are planning to play the Philippines Open the Eurotour might be a good event to play to get in shape. All the best European players plays these events!

Hope to see you there!

Friday, March 06, 2009

DVD review: Alex Pagulayan - Shane Van Boening, round 1 & round 2

At Derby City Classic I bought a couple of dvd's from TAR (The Action Report), and two of them were filmed at the Derby City Classic the year before.

The matches were:
1: Alex Pagulayan vs Shane Van Boening, 10-ball, rack your own, race to 21, for $ 5,000 each. Commentators John Schmidt, Darren Appleton, Bob Hunter, Jeanette Lee and Jay Helfert

2: Alex Pagulayan vs Shane Van Boening, 10-ball, rack your own, race to 25, for $ 5,000 each.
Commentators Jay Helfert, Justin Collett and Shawn Putnam.

Both matches lasted for more than 5 hours, but as a pool-lover you got to watch them. The play both of them perform is at the highest level, and most of the time the commentary is very good.
You will see some spectalur run-outs, excellent safeties, fantastic kick- and jump-shots, and you will see things you never thought a player of this caliber would ever do. I won't tell you what it is, you have to buy the DVD to see it, but it's something Alex Pagulayan does when he has ball in hand on the 1-ball. It's unbelivable.

Matches broadcasted at TAR has the viewers at home interacting with the commentators through a chat, and since the chat is not viewable on the dvd you sometimes gets lost in the commentary, but overall the commentary was very good, especially on the second match.

Both matches ended with a very small margin of victory, and they were very exciting to watch. I knew who would win the matches, and I knew that the first one went 20-20, but in the second match I had no idea what the score would be.

I think they played another set to 25 immidiately after the second set ended, and I don't know if that is available on tape. For the next weeks after these matches Alex and Shane battled it out at different poolhalls, before they finally played a match at TAR again a couple of months later.

That match I haven't seen yet, and it is told to be the best 10-ball match ever taped. It's a race to 100, rack your own, $ 20 000 each. It's filmed immidiately, talking minutes, after Alex became World Pool Master 2008. During that match Shane had a lead of 22 games, but Alex managed to close the gap at 92 - 92.

I will buy that match + the two matches Shane played at this years DCC, Shane - Fransico Bustamante and Shane - Efren Reyes, as soon as the Shane - Bustamante match is available.

My recommandation for you who read this:

Visit and buy those DVD's!


The race to 21

The race to 25

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Norwegian 9-ball Championship

With 90 players in the Norwegian 9-ball Championship, 15 (or 16) year old Mats Schjetne did like he did in the Norwegian 14-1 Championship last year, and went through the field undefeated.

He was down 7-4 in the quarterfinal against favourite Vegar Kristiansen, but managed to turn the alternate break match around and win 8-7.

In the final he played the winner of the Oslo 10-ball Open from last year, Malvin Bjelland, and won 8-4.

Congratulations Mats. Looking forward to see how you and the rest of the Team Norway will do in the upcoming European Championship!!!

The rest of the Norwegian Team will be Vegar Kristiansen, Malvin Bjelland, Ronny Oldervik and Joakim Haugen.

Team Norway will also have two women to represent them, and that will be Line Kjorsvik and Ine Helvik.

"Everyone" guessed that these two would end up in the final of the Norwegian Women 9-ball Championship the past weekend, but surprisingly Christine Ingrebrigtsen won 8-7 in the semifinal against Ine. Line won the final against Christine with a 8-1 victory, just minutes after she lost 8-7 in the quarterfinal of the mens division. Once again Line won a Norwegian Championship, and I think even her has lost the count of how many she now has...

If you want to read more about the upcoming European Championship in Austria, visit

Pool Wars

Jay Helfert, the American "all-rounder" in pool, has now become an author, and published the book "Pool Wars".

Jay has been involved in "everything" in pool in America the last 30 years, from being tournament director, referee, commentator, backer and even a player himself. His tournaments have paid out more than $ 2,000,000 in pricemoney, and he is still putting up a tournament every now and then.

He has now written a book that consist of lots of short-stories from his experiences, and based on his stories from, the book will be a best-seller!

The first edition is 500 copies for the price of $ 19.90, and international shipping is $ 14.90. During the first 4 days since he advertised it on AZBilliards, more than half of the books were sold!

You can order the book on

If you mention my name in your order, Roy Steffensen, you will get a $ 5 discount.

How I practice

Most of the time I practice by playing the Ghost in 9-ball or 10-ball. Sometimes I line up difficult shots or safeties that I have been struggling with, and the rest of the time I am normally using on the system called PAT.

I am using PAT (Playing Ability Test) to test my skills and to see progress, and it is really working great for me.

I have bought the books and DVD's on Amazon, and I recommend it to all players who wants to raise their game to another level.

PAT consists of 4 different levels, from amateurs to professionals. As a side-note, top-players such as Jasmin Ouschan and Thorsten Hohmann uses PAT on a regular basis.

The best part of PAT is that the majority of drills in the books/videos are situations that you often will face in a match. Nothing pleases me more than be in such a situation knowing that I have practiced this and fires it in with confidence.

Check out my Billiard Store and buy the books/dvd's that suits your level!

Streaming from tournaments & challenge-matches, LIVE & recorded