Friday, March 06, 2009

DVD review: Alex Pagulayan - Shane Van Boening, round 1 & round 2

At Derby City Classic I bought a couple of dvd's from TAR (The Action Report), and two of them were filmed at the Derby City Classic the year before.

The matches were:
1: Alex Pagulayan vs Shane Van Boening, 10-ball, rack your own, race to 21, for $ 5,000 each. Commentators John Schmidt, Darren Appleton, Bob Hunter, Jeanette Lee and Jay Helfert

2: Alex Pagulayan vs Shane Van Boening, 10-ball, rack your own, race to 25, for $ 5,000 each.
Commentators Jay Helfert, Justin Collett and Shawn Putnam.

Both matches lasted for more than 5 hours, but as a pool-lover you got to watch them. The play both of them perform is at the highest level, and most of the time the commentary is very good.
You will see some spectalur run-outs, excellent safeties, fantastic kick- and jump-shots, and you will see things you never thought a player of this caliber would ever do. I won't tell you what it is, you have to buy the DVD to see it, but it's something Alex Pagulayan does when he has ball in hand on the 1-ball. It's unbelivable.

Matches broadcasted at TAR has the viewers at home interacting with the commentators through a chat, and since the chat is not viewable on the dvd you sometimes gets lost in the commentary, but overall the commentary was very good, especially on the second match.

Both matches ended with a very small margin of victory, and they were very exciting to watch. I knew who would win the matches, and I knew that the first one went 20-20, but in the second match I had no idea what the score would be.

I think they played another set to 25 immidiately after the second set ended, and I don't know if that is available on tape. For the next weeks after these matches Alex and Shane battled it out at different poolhalls, before they finally played a match at TAR again a couple of months later.

That match I haven't seen yet, and it is told to be the best 10-ball match ever taped. It's a race to 100, rack your own, $ 20 000 each. It's filmed immidiately, talking minutes, after Alex became World Pool Master 2008. During that match Shane had a lead of 22 games, but Alex managed to close the gap at 92 - 92.

I will buy that match + the two matches Shane played at this years DCC, Shane - Fransico Bustamante and Shane - Efren Reyes, as soon as the Shane - Bustamante match is available.

My recommandation for you who read this:

Visit and buy those DVD's!


The race to 21

The race to 25

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