Friday, April 10, 2009

2 and out

21 players at the tournament in Stavanger. I got a bye in the first round so had to wait 2,5 hours before my first match, but the waitingtime didn't bother me. I felt good, wanted to do well and was relaxed and ready.

Well, I ended up losing my first two matches. I felt so uncomfortable at the table, couldn't get out on open tables. The only thing I managed was to play good safeties, and I won 2 games on 3 fouls. Unfortunately I couldn't win all games on fouls, so had to run out also. I missed five easy/medium 9-balls, leaving my opponent easy 9 and easy 10. In a handicap-tournament race to 7 alternate break, that is brutal, especially when I was down 6-1 in both matches after just a few racks. I was out of the tournament before the fun started.

Sometimes that's just the way it goes.

Raymond Hauge played Trond Larsen in the final. They splitted the money and just played one rack to get a winner, and Trond ended up winning that game :)

I played a couple of games with Raymond before his Quarterfinal, and it as fun playing him. Even though he hasn't pocketed a ball for 4 years he would still do very good if he played national tournaments again. Hope he will start to play again, but doubt it.

Maybe I will play a regional tournament here in Stavanger next weekend, but most likely my next tournament will be the Bergen 10-ball Open the first weekend of May.

Wish me luck, if I played like today I need a lot of it!!

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Tor Magne said...

Better luck next time :)

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