Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Billiard blogs and websites I read often

During a week I am browsing a lot of websites related to pool, to see if there is any new information available.

This is a list of some of the websites I normally visits atleast once in a week:

www.azbilliards.com - World's biggest newssite for pool. American site, with lots of information on regular tours around America. Checking the frontpage and forum on a daily basis.

www.insidepoolmag.com - They got the nicest magazine out there, but I don't like their website. Too much pictures, videos, links. Too much on very little space, imo. But checking every now and then what they have to say.

www.pro9.co.uk - European site, but since the owner is British most of the news are about English poolplayers or tournaments.

www.biljardforbundet.no - Norwegian Pool Federations's official website.

www.nielsfeijen.nl - Niels Feijen's official website. He is updating his news very often, so I am checking his site very often.

www.souquet.de - Ralf Souquet's official website. I love his tournament-articles, and I am checking it about once a week to see if he has updated it yet, but seems like he has quit with that... Last updated in November...

www.jasmin-ouschan.com - Jasmin Oushcan's official website. She has great tournament-articles, and the site is normally updated a couple of times each month.

http://sarahrousey.blogspot.com - Sarah Rousey's official website. I am following her blog, so checking it every time she updates. Like her style of writing, and it's fun reading about her experiences.

http://massiveunderstatement.blogspot.com - "OMGWTF"/Melinda Huang's blog. She has some of the funniest stories about pool, and I especially like to read about her visiting the big pro-events. Check her review's on for example the IPT tournament in Reno.

http://icemanmika.blogspot.com - Mika Immonen's blog, where he updates about his latest wins. He seems to never lose in tournaments anymore, so it's basically about what tournament did he win last week...

www.pooltipjar.com - Samm Diep's official website. Samm is a writer for InsidePool, and she has a nice blog/website with lots of information. Her latest article about a video-instructional is worth a visit :)

http://anitokid.blogspot.com is a blog about mostly Filipino-pool. I love to read his stories about Efren Reyes etc., and is checking his site every now and then to see if there's some interesting news about the top Filipinos.

Some weeks I visit more sites, and some weeks I do not visit all these sites, but during a year these are basically the sites I visits with a higher frequensy than others.

How about you? Do you have any websites that you strongly recommend me to visit?

Please share them with me.

2 kommentarer:

Anonymous said...

www.poolcuenews.com - lots of good "coverage" of the WPBA and a different "take" on the Billiard Industry (organizations, products, etc.).

Anonymous - Bobby McGee

Samm said...

Thanks for the plug. Roy D'Fish is one of my regular blog reads as well. ;) See you in Vegas!

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