Sunday, April 19, 2009

European Straight (14-1) Championships completed. Dimitri Jungo and Gerda Hofstatter wins!

Two "minor" upsets in the finals of the European Championships in the 14-1/straigth pool division.

I say minor, because even if both of the winners are champion players, they were certainly the underdogs in the finals, in my opinion.

Dimitri Jungo, one of the better players on the Eurotours (he also won a Eurotour event last year), had to beat Niels Feijen in the final. Niels Feijen, the current World 14-1 Champion, and 4 x European Champion the last 7 years, was the big favourite.

Despite being the underdog, Dimitri managed to beat Niels with a 125-74 score. To get intot the finals, Dimitri beat the 2007 World 14-1 Champion Oliver Ortmann in the semifinal 125-108, young german Thomas Luttich 125-92 in the Quarterfinal and 3rd place finisher in the World 14-1 Championship in 2007 Huidji See in the last 16 with 125-54.

Niels beat the top-ranked German Andreas Rochowsky in the semifinal by 125-107, then his dutch teammate Nick van den Berg in the Quarterfinal 125-97 and Sascha Specchia in the last 16 by the score of 125-44.

In the women's event Jasmin Ouschan will always be the favourite in that dicipline, especially since she has a 5th, 9th and 3rd from the last three World 14-1 Championships in the mens division, but also how she became European 14-1 Champion 2 years ago, running 75 and out in the semi, and 76 and out in the final. (made a mistake on the opening break).

She plays 14-1 a little better than most of the other European women, and will always be the favourite to win that title, but her opponent in the final was not a surprice. Gerda Hofstatter competed in the European Championships for the first time for many, many years, and I guess the reason was that it was being held in Austria, her homeland. Guess the home-crowd were very happy with having both finalists coming from Austria!

Gerda won the final by 75-70.

The 8-ball division has now started.

More information about the European Championships can be found on:

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Anonymous said...

Considering the strong team Austria
- credit to top veteran 14.1 player Louise Furberg (SWEDEN) for getting bronze for 3rd place. These three would probably rank as the top Euro 14.1 women .

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