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History-review: Eurotour for women in Oslo, 2005

15th - 16th of October, 2005, the poolroom Kim and I had just opened 3 weeks earlier, the ElbowRoom, were host for the Eurotour for women.

A week before the tournament the organizer, IBP, sent me a list of all the players and a list of hotelrooms, and there I saw that Niels Feijen were going too, together with Katrine Jensen to support her. I immidiately got his phonenumber and called him, and said I wanted to do a tournament the week before the Eurotour where the winner would play him a race to 9 for the pricemoney. Niels wouldn't have to pay anything, all he needed to do was to bring his cue and play a match against a local player.

He said yes, and we put up a tournament and it became popular to join. In the end Timo Makela won it. Timo was playing good, and I remember watching him beat Mika Immonen 9-3 on the Eurotour when we travelled together to the tournament in Belgium 6 months earlier. He could beat a top-player, but he couldn't do it regulary, but this was just one match.

I also contacted the top 4 on the Eurotour-ranking for women, and asked them if they wanted to play a tournament on Friday evening. They would all be guaranteed money, and it wouldn't cost them anything. I seeded them into the Quarterfinal, and then had a tournament on Friday where all the others, men and women, played for the other 4 spots in the Quarterfinals. I don't remember who won this tournament, but I remember that the women on the tour appreciated what we did for them, and how we treated them.

When the tournament-play ended on Saturday, it was time for the battle between Timo and Niels. Timo was full of confidence, too much perhaps, and wanted to put up about $ 500 more of his own money, and make it a race to 11 instead. Niels agreed, and the many spectators witnessed the first 8 racks being split, with the score 4-4. Then Niels figured out how break on the tripple shimmed Brunswick Gold Crown IV table, and from there it was no contest at all. Niels ended up winning 11-5, but Timo showed a lot, perhaps too much, heart, and it was fun.

After that match I asked him if he wanted to play more against local players, for money. He wasn't sure how to do the handicaps since he had never seen them before, but I took care of that. I told him what the other player should need, and he played. I had a long list of players waiting, and they all got to play either race to 5 or 7 in 9-ball, for $ 30 - $ 60.

Niels ended up winning against almost everyone, but most of the matches were real close, so no one complained about the handicap. It was a great experience for everyone involved. Niels loved it, and played till 6 in the morning, with no breaks at all. He won around $ 2000 that night :)

At Sunday it was time for the Eurotour again, and we all had Line Kjorsvik, ranked #1 on the tour, as our big favourite. The home-crowd cheered on her, but in the end Charlotte Sorensen from Denmark beat her in the final.

Line still ended up as winner of the Eurotour League (ranking) that season, and the tournament in Oslo was unfortunately the last Eurotour for women held...

Final ranking:

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Anonymous said...

Interesting that Charlotte Sorensen
also bested line in EPC 2008 for first place in 14.1 and Line was the "bridesmaid" again. Sometimes in tournaments some players will always play their best against one player despite the rankings.

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