Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Billiards schedule - tournaments happening in April, May and June.

A lot of things coming up from now till the end of June! It will be A LOT of international tournaments (and three Norwegian tournaments) to follow the next months!!!

Here's a summary:

16th - 26th April - European Pool Championships in 9-ball, 8-ball and 14-1 for men, women and wheelchair.
18th - 19th April - JPBA Hokkaido Open in Japan
18th April - 4th May - World Snooker Championship Live on Eurosport & BBC
26th April - 3rd May - AMWAY WPA Women's World 9-ball Open, Taipei


1st - 3rd May - Zagreb 8-ball Open, Croatia
1st - 3rd May - Interpool Open, Sweden
1st - 3rd May - Bergen 10-ball Open, Norway
4th - 6th May - TAR: Darren Appleton - Dennis Hatch, race to 100, 10-ball, Las Vegas Livestream
8th - 10th May - World Pool Masters, Las Vegas
8th - 10th May - TAR: Rodney Morris - Chris Bartram, race to 100, 10-ball, Las Vegas Livestream
10th - 16th May - Predator 10-ball Championships, Las Vegas
20th - 22nd May - Eurotour Sindelfingen 10-ball, Germany Livestream
22nd - 31st May - Philippine 10-ball Open, Philippines Broadcasted live on TV?
24th - 29th May - APBU Women's 9-ball Championships (ASIA), Korea
29th - 30th May - Norwegian Team Championships (9-ball, 8-ball, 14-1) Livestream 29th - 30th May - Malmo 10-ball Open, Sweden Livestream?

1st - 7th June - WPA Women's World 10-ball Championship, Manila, Philippines Live on Philippine TV
8th - 14th June - WPA China Open
16th - 21st June - EPBF Nations Cup Livestream
17th - 21st June - WPBA Classic Tour Event Livestream + ESPN
19th - 21st June - Norwegian 10-ball Championship, Oslo Livestream
20th - 21st June - JPBA 9-ball Festival, Japan
27th June - 6th of July - Qatar International Open 9-ball, Qatar


Guess I need to go to the store and buy beer and popcorn so I am ready for all the online updates on these tournaments :D

Please leave a comment if there are any other tournaments worth to mention around the world during these months, and I'll edit my list.

2 kommentarer:

Anonymous said...

There is Avaz Sarajevo 9ball open in May
details, also live stream.. Some great names will be there.

Roy Steffensen said...

Thanks. I didn't know of that tournament.

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