Sunday, April 26, 2009

Snooker Quiz

The World Snooker Championship is now broadcasted live on TV, so I guess we all have learnt the rules by now. :)

Here's a little quiz. If you know the answer of these two, then you certainly know your snooker.

1) Assuming that you are playing a frame of snooker with a full set of 15 reds and all the colours, what is the minimum number of shots which would have to take place in order for one of the two players to have reached a score which exceeds the maximum potential break value of all the balls which would then be remaining on the table.......or in other words for one of the players to be placed in a situation where he needs at least one snooker and all the balls to win?

2) How can you legally pocket the yellow three times in a row?

Do you know the answers? Post a comment!

2 kommentarer:

Anonymous said...

jeg tipper på 10slag på det første spm, men ser ikke helt den nr 2 der altså, men det må jo ha noe med friball å gjøre,men der er jeg blank..


Hermund said...

I'll have a go:

Three shots.

1: 16 reds (free ball)
2: Black
3: Yellow

Points scored: 25 (16+7+2)
Points left: 25 (green to black)

Opponent needs all to tie and a snooker to win.


1: Yellow (free ball). Also: knocking in the remaining red(s) on the same shot.
2: Yellow as color after red
3: Yellow (because there are no more reds)

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