Saturday, April 25, 2009

Total dominance by Jasmin Ouschan in the European Championships!

Congratulations to Jasmin Ouschan from Austria, who happened to be only 5 balls away from her main goal of winning all three diciplines in the European Championships, held at her homecountry Austria.

In the last event of the Championships, 9-ball, she had a stunning 42 - 12 score in racks. She only lost 12 games in 6 matches, and won two of her matches with 7 - 0, including the final against Veronica Hubrtova from Chezk Republic.

In the 8-all it was almost the same story. Her rack wins was 36 while she only defeated 12. Jasmin's powerbreak is too much for her opponents to handle, and she is always playing superb 8-ball compared to the rest of the field.

The first dicipline that was played, 14-1, was were everyone expected Jasmin to win. She has finished 5th, 9th and 3rd in the last three World 14-1 Championships, for men, with major wins against some of the best 14-1 players in the world such as Mika Immonen, Oliver Ortmann and John Schmidt. In the European 14-1 Championships in Chezk Repuplic in 2006, she ran 75 and out in the semifinal for a perfect 75-0 win. In the final she fouled on her opening break, giving her opponent the chance of running 30+ balls. When she missed, Jasmin ran 76 and out for the win.

In my opinion, no woman on earth plays better 14-1 than Jasmin, and I was surprised that she lost the final this year. Although her opponent in the final, experienced Gerda Hofstatter, certainly knows how to play 14-1 very well, I don't think Gerda would consider herself a favourite in that match-up.

In 14-1 Jasmin had a very good overall performance, with a total score of 445 - 186. Impressive!

Jasmin was only 5 balls away from her main goal, since she lost the final against Gerda with 75-70. I can only imagine the major pressure Jasmin felt in the 14-1 final, infront of her family, friends and media, expecting her to succeed in all three diciplines.

Even though she didn't manage to win all three, I think she is very happy and satisfied with 2 gold medals and 1 silver medal.

Once again, congratulations Jasmin!
Would also like to congratulate Nick van den Berg with his first gold medal in the European Championships, winning 9-8 in the final against Russian wonderboy (16?) Chinahov Ruslan.

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middleEdgedGuy said...

Perhaps a congratulations to Gerta would also be order!

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