Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Unofficial ranking for the Norwegians in the European Championships

Germany and Sweden have forever been the two countries in Europe winning the majority of all medals in European Championships. Germany is superior and it will take decades to pass them, if a country will ever be able to do that, since they keep on getting medals in all divisions and diciplines, for juniors, pupils, seniors, men, women and wheelchair, year after year.

Norway has always been ranked high, and is currently #4 on the overall ranking even though Norway have not been blessed with many medals the last 10 years, and I think it is Austria that know has the #3 spot. Much because of the many medals won by Jasmin Ouschan in the girls and women tournaments.

EDIT: (Norway is ranked #3 on the official EPBF ranking, which is obviously based on gold medals. If based on medals in total, Austria is on 3rd and Norway on 4th. Check the stats here: http://www.epconline.eu/medallist.asp Impressive amount of gold-medals by Germany, or what do you think?.)

During all the past European Championships the Norwegian players have always had a "fun" competition based on who they beat during the tournament.

The score-system is pretty simple. If you win a match, you get 1 point. If you beat a player from Sweden you get 2 points, and if you win against a German you get 3 points.

Based on this, here's the top Norwegian for men and women so far, after the 14-1 and 8-ball is over for the Norwegian players.

Line Kjorsvik - 7 points (4 regular wins + 1 german)
Mats Schjetne - 3 points. (3 wins)

Hope the Norwegians will score lots of points in the 9-ball division :D

Follow the European Championships live at www.epconline.eu

3 kommentarer:

Anonymous said...

this yr it looks like an Austrian Sweep - as of this post Gerda took 14.1 - Jasmin took 8 ball - so if any Norwegians win a match against these 2 in 9 ball you should buy them dinner - lol.

Anonymous - Bobby Mcgee

Anonymous said...

BTW - me thinks this extra point system for a German or Swede has nothing to do with how many medals the Germans or Swedes have . Lol

Anonymous - Bobby McGee

Anonymous said...

Well after results of the women final 16 you can add the Netherlands to the list for extra pts and perhaps score more pts for any victory over Dutch womens' master Estelle Bijnen. Lol

Anonymous - Bobby Mcgee

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