Sunday, April 05, 2009

WPBA San Diego Classic

The last couple of days I have been following the tournament San Diego Classic, which was the first tour-stop this season for the professional league for women, the WPBA.

As usually, 64 women fills the field, most of them regular tour-members but also players who won their spot to this tournament by playing and winning one of many qualifiers out there.

The WPBA San Diego Classic, hosted by Viejas Casino in California for the 13th time, was broadcasted live on the net by, on this link:

They broadcasted matches from the first 3 days, and the final 3 matches will be broadcasted by ESPN on later dates. I believe, and hope, that the WPBA will continue with live-streaming on their future tournaments.

I have been sweating most of the matches the last days, except yesterday when I fell asleep during the match between Jasmin Ouschan and Helena Thornfeldt. (It was 2 in the morning here in Norway). I have been doing bets with other viewers in the chatroom, and I happened to lose on that particular match. I had a good run, but lost all I had won on my first two days in just 3 rounds that day. I am still far ahead in online-bets on live-streaming this year, so can't complain.

I have to say that I just love the live-streaming and the way us viewers can both watch the match and also interact with other viewers, and ask questions to the commentators. Many of the players on the tour did some commentary too, and I have to say that there is a future commentator in many of them when their pro-career ends. I was especially impressed with how Jennifer Barretta handled the booth. Very good job.

The tournament is still going on, and unfortunately neither of my two favourites, Line Kjorsvik and Jasmin Ouschan, made it to the final 16 of this event. Sarah Rousey had a good tournament, but seemed to run out of gas in the last match, but still ended in a nice 5th.

Right now the first semifinal has started, and Monica Webb is leading 6-1 over Jeanette Lee. The other semifinal will be between Gerda Hofstatter and Ga Young Kim. I am now hoping that Ga Young Kim will win this event.

You can read more about this tournament, stats, the players etc on

Here's the brackets for this tournament:
News about the tournament can be read on

2 kommentarer:

Anonymous said...

Yes it was a great ustream - I watched Line play Melissa Morris and Line was really off even tho she won and later was beaten by Kim Shaw (talented player but feel Line is better than her) - well there are 5 more so lets hope Line gets with it. Btw Line has not updated her site since 2007 and does not blog on anymore.

Anonymous - Bobby McGee

Sarah Rousey said...

I know you were secretly cheering me on Roy..haha. Thanks for keeping things interesting and I'm glad you liked the live stream!

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