Saturday, July 25, 2009

Player of the Year 2009

More than half of 2009 is in the historybooks, so who is in the "lead" so far for the prestigous title "Player of the Year 2009"?

What major tournaments do you think InsidePool uses for their calculation and summary to decide who it will be?

My suggestions:

DCC 9-ball: Shane Van Boening, Van Corteza 2nd
Turning Stone Classic XII: Ralf Souquet, Hatch 2nd
World Pool Masters: Darren Appleton, van den Berg 2nd
Qatar 9-ball Open: Mika Immonen, Ko 2nd
Predator 10-ball: Dennis Orcullo, Souquet 2nd
Philippine 10-ball Open: Ricky Yang, De Luna 2nd
Pro 10-ball Expo: John Schmidt, Deuel 2nd
China 9-ball Open: Thorsten Hohmann, Feijen 2nd
World Games: Souquet vs Yang in the final playing right now
Million Dollar 9-ball:
US Open:
World 14-1 Championship:
World Ten Ball Championship:
All Japan Championship:
WPA-ranking: Darren Appleton is currently the #1, Souquet 2nd

Tournaments/rankings that I believe can add value if very close race between players:

Eurotour-ranking: Ralf Souquet current #1, Feijen 2nd
BCA-ranking: Johnny Archer #1, Immonen 2nd
DCC 10-ball Challenge: Lee Van Corteza, Souquet 2nd
US Bar Table Overall: Glen Atwell, Appleton 2nd
DCC Master of the table: Brumback, Hennessee 2nd
World Cup of Pool (teams):
European Championships 9-ball : Nick van den Berg, Ruslan 2nd
European Championships 14-1 : Dimitri Jungo, Feijen 2nd
European Championships 8-ball : Andreas Roschkowsky, Ekonomopoulos 2nd

So far I can't see anyone dominate the first half of 2009, but Souquet has some very good finishes in all tournaments, plus he is so far ranked #3rd on the BCA-ranking. Very small (tiny) favourite so far, imo.

Should there be other tournaments added to the list? Please come with your suggestions

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